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Dad would never let us do anything like this. Thanks, Dean. This is great.


Soft-spoken sweet-smelling Sansa, who loved silks, songs, chivalry and tall gallant knights with handsome faces.

People talking about Sansa (requested by sansaxstark.)

Sorry….It’s too much  (x)

When in Rome…  (x)

For Jensenfans xox

S10 - Deanmon Season

Tell us something about a Walking Dead castmate that they don’t want us to know…
That Norman is disgusting and he actually licks people. His standard greeting is to lick someone’s face when we’re covered in dirt. - Lauren Cohan

Tattooed!Dean for teamfreewill-fanart's SPNAC19!
Tattooed!Dean for teamfreewill-fanart's SPNAC19!